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Arna-Jharna Desert Museum, Jodhpur:

Arna-Jharna Desert Museum
Arna Jharna Desert Museum

Arna-Jharna Desert Museum of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is located in the village of Moklawas, which is just 23 kilometers away from the main Jodhpur city. Arna-Jharna Desert Museum signifies two principles in its view point and exercise.
First one is the Arna-Jharna Desert Museum can be considered as a laboratory of the ordinary, a testing ground of all those simple configurations of life that ease the skills of survival in the desert.
The second principle is, the Arna-Jharna Desert Museum rejoices the fact that the ‘tradition’ is modern. The supposed ‘traditional group of people’ holding on to skills and manners of knowledge from past times are also part of a dynamic, varying present.The Meaning of ‘Arna-Jharna’ is ‘jungle’ and ‘spring’. Unlike most museums where what is of value is covered inside, Arna-Jharna Desert Museum includes the desert, its atmosphere and its occupants as its displays.
Arna-Jharna Desert Museum was created by the late Komal Kothari, one of India’s important folklorists and verbal historians of Jodhpur. The Arna-Jharna Desert Museum is acollaborating learning experience related to old-style knowledge methods.

Creation of the Arna-Jharna Desert Museum, Jodhpur, Rajasthan:

It is hard to believe that the site of the exhibition hall was once a wild sandstone mine surrounded by a tough and desiccated land as now it is covered by very calm environs. Currently, with the expertise of water-harvesting, the basin of the mine has been converted into a lake which has become the stomping ground and nesting ground of birds, especially of the peacocks.
The land with its alluvial rock foundations remains tough, but the soil has been cultivated to put up a rich biodiversity of aboriginalcactus, grasses, and the robust trees of the desert like kair, bair, rohida, kumbat and khejri.

Other famous places on the route to Arna-Jharna Desert Museum, Jodhpur, Rajasthan:

There are numerous traditional and spiritual landmarks along the way to Arna-Jharna desert Museum.One passes the famous Kaylana Lake (also known as Pratap Sagar), at about eight kilometers to the west direction of Jodhpur on the state road to Jaisalmer. Kaylana Lake is an artificial lake that was initially built by Pratap Singh (former Prime Minister of Jodhpur) in 1872. The lake is the sole surface water source for the drinking water supply of Jodhpur city covering 84 square kilometers in area.
At the cross-roads of the Arna-Jharna Desert Museum, where the highway continues to Jaisalmer, there is another road to Jodhpur through the rolling hills and lushbasin of Chokha and the attractive Umaid Sagar.
Other places along the way to Arna-Jharna Desert Museum include the famous places like Machia Safari Park and the Kala-Gora Temple in the village called Barli, which is devoted to the guardian divinity of the God “Bhaironji”.
Away from the museum “Arneshwar Mahadeva Shiva Temple” lies there. In this place of worship, annual fair is held on Purnima (full moon night) of the Kartik month of Hindu calendar. Bhogishal Yatra is also held in every three years which appeal thousands of tourists.

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