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General Knowledge Questions – GK Questions

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General Knowledge Questions GK Questions

General Knowledge Questions

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General knowledge questions, the questions you must know to clear General Knowledge Quiz, and most of the government exams which requires General knowledge or basic GK. The general knowledge questions are arranged in categouries for ease of reading. After going through these general knowledge questions, we recommend you to take a test on our General Knowledge Quiz page.General knowledge is a basic subject , You cant ignore this subject if you are going to face any competition exam regardless government exam or bank exam or any written exam. We have published the General knowledge questions prepared by Experts of Savy. We are very positive that it will help you to rank better in any competition exams you are appearing at. In General Knowledge questions we try to cover almost topics that are equally important in any competition exam like sports, current affairs, biology, aptitude, statics and other important questions that you should prepare for, We are constantly updating our collection of questions that will keep you update in current affairs and latest happenings round the globe.

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Download as PDFMain Article
: Inventions

General Knowledge Questions : Inventions

  • Ballpoint Pen was invented by Biro Brothers.
  • The Solid State IC was demonstrated for the first time in the year of 1950s.
  • Pneumatic rubber tire was invented by J. B. Dunlop
  • Radium, One of the Radioactive item was discovered by a scientist Marie Curie.
  • Barbed wire was invented by Joseph F. Glidden and it was patented in the year of 1874.
  • Charles Richter invented the Richer scale which is used to measure the magnitude of the earthquakes.
  • Thermometer was invented by Galileo.

Download as PDFMain Article: Technology

General Knowledge Questions : Technology

  • Printer is the common device which use Parallel port. Now a days it is replaced by USB port.
  • Garbage in garbage out (GIGO) is the simple principal followed by a general computer.
  • Bits per second is a common measurement of data transfer speed in a computer system
  • Simulation Program with IC was first introduces in the year of 1972 and was abbreviated as SPICE.
  • Most of the TV now a days consume power even they are turned off so that they can take remote commands if someone wants to switch on the television from a remote control.

Download as PDFMain Article: Sports

General Knowledge Questions : Sports

  • Ranji Trophy is associated with the game of cricket and the game of Squash was first time played in the Asian games in the year 2010.
  • Rabindra Nath Tagore was the first Indian who was the winner of Noble Prize.

Download as PDFMain Article : General Science

General Knowledge Questions : General Science

  • The color of the metal brass changes in air exposure due to the presence of hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Bromine is the only non metal that remains in the liquid state on normal temperatures.
  • A chelate compound having the central metal as magnesium is chlorophyll.
  • Graplite is used in pencils to make the writing possible .

Main Article: Honours and Awards

General knowledge Questions : Honours and Awards

  • B. C. Roy is an award given in the study of Medicine.
  • Pulitzer prize was established in the year of 1917.
  • Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and the former President of South Africa were awarded the Gandhi Peace prize for the year 2000.
  • In the field of Cinema, Ashok Kumar was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award for the first time.

Download as PDFMain Article: Basic General Knowledge

General Knowledge Questions : Basic General Knowledge

  • The commonly used ATM machine is an abbreviated name for Automatic Teller Machine.
  • A person having O+ blood group is a universal downer as he can donate blood to a needy person belonging to any blood group.

Main Article: India

General Knowledge Questions : India

  • Rajasthan, the land of kings had Vasundhara Raje as the first lady Chief Minister of the State.
  • Mumbai is the largest populated city in India in the state, Maharashtra having population of 1,24,78,440.
  • The longest river which flows in India is the Ganga river, having a length of 2,525 Km which crosses 5 states of India including, Uttarakhand, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Jarkhand.
  • The Ganga river also crosses Bangladesh, a neighbor Country.In terms of Density,
  • West Bengal is the most densely populated state in India having 904 persons per square Km.

Main Article: Books and Authors

General Knowledge Questions : Books and Authors

  • The famous book titled ‘We the people’ was written by Nani Palhkivala.
  • The book titled ‘nineteen eighty four’ was written by Gorge Orwell.
  • Gaban, Godan and Mansarovar were all written by Munshi Premchand.
  • ‘Forbidden Verses’ was written by Abu Nuwas.
  • In the movie ‘Bandit Queen’, the lead role was played by Seema Biswas.

Main Article: Famous Places in India

General Knowledge Questions : Famous Places in India

  • Railway staff college is located at Vadodara in India.
  • Dilwara Temples is situated in the state of Rajasthan.
  • At Dehradun in India, the Himalayan Geoplogy institute is located.
  • Gol Gumbaz is situated at Bijapur and that is the reason why that place is famous for.
  • National Power Training has its headquarteds at Faridabad.

Main Article: Famous Personalities

General Knowledge Questions : Famous Personalities

  • Eulid is known as the father of Geometry.
  • Kutty, Laxman, Shankar and Sudhir are all known for drawing cartoons.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai patel is also known as the Iron Man of India.
  • Shakunthala Devi is known for the Indian who beated the computer in Maths Wizardry.

General Knowledge Questions : International

  • Sahara desert is the biggest desert in terms of site on our planet along with the Pacific ocean which is the largest ocean on our planet earth.
  • As on May 2013, Tim Cook is the CEO of the great computer and electronics manufacturer, Apple Inc.The founder of Twitter, which is one of the great social networking website is Jack Dorsey.
  • The Olympic games of the year 2012 were held in London. ThGeneral Knowledge: Eulid is known as the father of Geometry.
  • Kutty, Laxman, Shankar and Sudhir are all known for drawing cartoons.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai patel is also known as the Iron Man of India.
  • Shakunthala Devi is known for the Indian who beated the computer in Maths Wizardry.Olympic Games were  held in Greece.
  • The Grand Trunk Road is oldest and longest road in South Asia covering Chittagong, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan
  • The Land of Rising Sun is the title given to Japan.

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